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Donate Food

Drop off food donations at our pantry during office hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. read more

Donate Time

Volunteer to work in our food pantry, help with paper work, or help us with fund raising activities. read more

Money Donations are always crucial, especially in these difficult times. read more

How We Help

MUM provides assistance for:
  Eviction prevention
  Utility cutoff prevention/restoration
  Prescription drugs
  Non-perishable food
  Referrals to other agencies
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Raising Awareness To Fight Hunger

Hunger March 2015

Chilly November temperatures didn't stop about 100 participants from walking nearly a mile into downtown Wheaton to raise awareness about hunger in the community for MUM’s 11th annual Hunger March.

Hunger March 2015
The walk, held Nov. 22 on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, included clients of MUM’s food pantry at the Mid-County Regional Services Center in Wheaton as well as supporters of the nonprofit. Members of the family of the late Montgomery Police Capt. Joseph A. Mattingly Jr. carried banners and led the march. MUM’s pantry is named for Mattingly, a veteran officer who championed community assistance in the mid-county area. Montgomery police officers escorted marchers and stopped traffic as marchers crossed Georgia Avenue.

Hunger March 2015
Marchers brought more than 1,200 lbs. of food for MUM’s pantry, much of it donated by members of First Alliance Church of Silver Spring.

Joseph A. Mattingly, Jr. Food Pantry

Joseph A. Mattingly No one in our society should go hungry, yet some of our clients do. Our pantry is meant to supplement the food that our clients purchase themselves or obtain from other agencies. In 2006 the Food Pantry was named in memory of a brave Montgomery County police officer, Captain Joseph Mattingly, Jr., whose empathy for struggling families in the community motivated him to want to start a food program. Read more

Poverty Afflicts Many in MUM Area

Recent Census data show that Mid-County United Ministries serves one of the largest concentrations of people living in poverty in Montgomery County.

A quarter of the nearly 60,000 people living below the poverty level in Montgomery reside in MUM’s service area, according to income data from the Census Bureau’s 2007-2011 American Community Survey. MUM provides emergency food and financial assistance to residents of five zip codes: 20902, 20906, 20853, 20895 and 20896.

Two of the five zip codes that MUM serves—20906 in the Aspen Hill area and 20902 in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area—have the highest numbers of people in poverty among the county’s 45 zip codes. In those two zip codes, where the combined population is 110,443, the percentage of people living in poverty is between 10 and 11 percent, compared to 6.3 percent for the county as a whole.

A third MUM zip code—20853—ranks 10th among Montgomery’s zip codes based on the 7.1 percent of its population living in poverty.

“It underscores the fact that we’re in the throes of it, and we need all the help and support we can get to carry out the work,” said MUM Executive Director Larry White.

The federal government says the 2012 poverty threshold for a family of three with two children under 18 is an annual income of $18,498 or less. For a family of four with two children under 18, it is $23,283.

MUM Annual Report Shows More Households Helped

The number of households served by Mid-County United Ministries, Inc. (MUM) in FY 2015 rose nearly 18 percent over the previous year, according to MUM’s newly published annual report.

The report shows that MUM assisted 1,332 households in its five-zip-code service area during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2015. That’s an increase of 200 households over the previous budget year.

MUM’s emergency financial and food assistance in FY 2015 is valued at $155,277. That’s 19 percent greater than the $130,210 in assistance distributed by MUM in FY 2014.

MUM steps in to help families and individuals deal with evictions, utility cutoffs and the cost of prescription medicines. MUM also operates a food pantry that in FY 2015 distributed 81,832 lbs. of nonperishable groceries to its clients.

For the full report, click here.

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Help You Can Count On!

Mid-County United Ministries (MUM) has been providing a safety net to the working poor, the disabled, the elderly on fixed incomes, and the unemployed since 1996. In April of 2010, the Wheaton/Kensington Chamber of Commerce named MUM "Nonprofit of the Year" for the outstanding work it has done in serving the community.

MUM is part of Montgomery County’s Emergency Assistance Coalition working with public and private social service agencies to provide financial help to individuals and families in Wheaton, Aspen Hill, and Kensington.

MUM is a partner agency with the Capital Area Food Bank to provide clients with non-perishable food from the Captain Joseph A. Mattingly Jr. pantry.

Mum also works in partnership with the eye clinic at Shepherd’s Table, the medical clinic Proyecto Salud, and the Colesville Volunteer Dental Clinic, giving clients referrals when appropriate.

Together, We Can Help!

From its beginnings, the spirit of MUM has been one of collaboration. Dedicated to serving the emergency and food needs of the limited income community in Wheaton, Aspen Hill, and Kensington, MUM was established in 1996 as a cooperative effort of faith congregations and Community Ministry of Montgomery County, now known as Interfaith Works. The charter churches Lutheran Church of St. Andrew, Hughes United Methodist, Northwood Presbyterian Church, St. Matthew Presbyterian, St. Catherine Laboure Catholic, Wheaton Presbyterian Church, Luther Rice Memorial Baptist, and First Baptist of Wheaton knew the growing number of requests for financial help from those in need would be better served if they pooled their resources to increase their effectiveness.

MUM continues to work closely with eighteen area churches that offer support, as well as with the Montgomery County police, area businesses, and organizations such as the Democratic Central Committee. MUM now is an independent agency, a member of the county’s Emergency Assistance Coalition.

In addition, MUM partners with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, the Housing Opportunity Commission, Interfaith Works, Catholic Charities, Jewish Social Services, Bethesda Cares, Manna, Shepherd’s Table, Proyecto Salud, and the Colesville Volunteer Dental Clinic.

None of MUM’s goals could be achieved without the collaboration of its Executive Director, small staff, and its volunteers, including a working Board of Directors.

Do You Need Help?

MUM is dedicated to serving the emergency and food needs of the limited income community in parts of Wheaton, Aspen Hill, and Kensington. MUM serves the Montgomery County zip codes of 20902, 20906, 20895, 20896, and 20853. We refer people from other zip codes to the appropriate agencies in the Emergency Assistance Coalition.

If you live in one of the above mentioned zip codes, you may call MUM at 301-929-8675 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to set up an appointment to meet with Diane Schroeder, the executive director. During this conversation, Ms. Schroeder will explain which identifying documents to bring in, depending upon the type of service that is needed.

If you have additional needs that MUM cannot meet, Ms. Schroeder will refer you to an appropriate source of help.


Donate Food

MUM is always happy to receive food donations. Because the size of the pantry is limited, MUM gives only non-perishable foods. Items we ALWAYS need (because they are part of the standard package we provide our clients) are:

• Hot/Cold Cereals                                      • Crackers/Cookies
• Canned Fruits/Vegetables                          • Dessert Mixes/Icing
• Dry/Canned Beans, Pastas, Rices;             • Fruit Juices
• Pasta Sauces                                               • Dry/Canned Milk
• Canned Meats/Tuna                                   • Tea/Cocoa/Coffee
• Soups/Stews/Chilies                                   • Diet Specific Foods
• Peanut Butter/Jelly                                     • Toiletries
• Condiments/Spices

If you wish to donate nonperishable food to MUM, please call during weekday office hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) to schedule delivery.


Donate Time

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Food Pantry Volunteers
   • Organize pantry and distribute food to clients during regular office hours. [Mon. and Wed. 9 a.m.
      to 4:30 p.m., and Thurs. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.] You can give a morning or an afternoon or a full day.
   • On an as needed basis, organize food at our main storage facility and transport food items to the
   • On an as needed basis, shop for select food items for the pantry.

Food Drive Coordinator
  • Identify sources and help with the organization of neighborhood, business, and school food drives.

November Food March participant
  • Take part in and invite friends to join you in MUM’s annual march to alleviate hunger.

Grant Writers
  • Develop grant proposals to foundations to supplement funds for MUM’s basic services as well as operating expenses.

Media Marketing Coordinator
  • Organize publicity campaigns to make MUM better known in the community and to raise money.

Spanish Language Interpreters
  • Give two hours a week to help non-English speaking clients express their needs and receive help.

Newsletter Coordinator
  • Organize the mailing of the newsletter four times a year.

Social Media Coordinator
  • Website, Face Book, and other social media design/development/maintenance expertise.

To volunteer, fill out and submit the "MUM Volunteer Candidate Information Form".

For further information contact Diane Schroeder, Director of Mid-County United Ministries at 301-929-8675 or



Donate Money

In these challenging economic times, MUM struggles to keep up with the increased demands for its services. The following stories of Anne R. and Mr. and Mrs. M illustrate how your financial contributions can make a difference.

Anne R. is an elderly single woman living on $450 a month from Social Security. With that she must pay her rent, utilities, and food. She is fortunate to have subsidized housing and does not have medical prescriptions to buy. Anne relies on MUM for food, and when the price of gas went up, she asked for help paying her gas bill. A $100 gas bill seems like a fortune to a person on limited income.

Mr. and Mrs. M. have a young family of five children. In addition, they have custody of five nieces and nephews whose parents are deceased. Mr. M. receives a Social Security income of $623 per month, as he is disabled. Mrs. M., although only age 29, recently suffered two small strokes and has been diagnosed with epilepsy. They receive $1,038 in survivors’ benefits for the nieces and nephews. Even with $604 in food stamps, they find it difficult to feed a family of twelve. MUM helps by providing food and, on occasion, utility assistance.

Your cash donations do make a difference. Without the support of family and friends any of us could find ourselves in similar situations. We are grateful for any assistance you can give us. Please partner with us in alleviating the suffering and desperation of our needier neighbors.